Enchanted Escapades at My Oh My: A Captivating Café Experience in Richmond

Calling all magic aficionados! Step into a realm where magic is not only appreciated but also crafted. Established in 2018, My Oh My has become a cherished gem among Richmond cafés, offering delectable dishes, aromatic coffee, and spellbinding experiences. Positioned on the vibrant Swan Street, My Oh My charms its guests with a contemporary menu that evolves with the seasons, catering to various dietary preferences, including plant-based and gluten-free options.

An Ideal Venue for Every Occasion

Opening its doors early, My Oh My serves as the perfect spot for morning rendezvous, relaxed lunches, and limitless brunches. The recently revamped interior, adorned with wood, lush fabrics, and abundant natural light, creates a welcoming ambience for you to relish in fresh, locally-grown produce. Whether you’re organising a gathering with friends or a cozy meal for one, My Oh My is the ultimate destination.

Irresistible Culinary Adventures: Brunch in Richmond

Embark on a journey to the core of Richmond and uncover our endless brunch menu, brimming with appetising food and beverages to satiate your desires. Unwind and lose yourself in a mouthwatering experience at any hour of the day. Savor shareable platters, sumptuous burgers, or a variety of salads crafted with fresh local ingredients. Be sure to explore our Bottomless Brunches menu for even more enticing selections!

A Beacon of Swan Street

Swan Street serves as the lifeblood of Richmond, and My Oh My takes great pride in being a part of it. Strategically situated within proximity to the MCG, Melbourne Park precinct, and local offices, My Oh My caters to its thriving community every day of the week. Our dedication to forging unforgettable moments, accompanied by full-bodied coffee and an irresistible menu, solidifies My Oh My’s status as a true Swan Street luminary.

Eager to set sail on a mystical gastronomic voyage? Reserve your spot today and let the magic-makers at My Oh My Café Swan Street Richmond bewitch your senses with our enticing offerings. Peruse our menu and prepare to be entranced!